Progressive results of the capillary renewal system


 At the beginning of the treatment is a process of adaptation to the daily application and assimilation of the elements of Lotion A Hair Renewal 4+HAIR in the body, especially its absorption through the scalp. During the first two weeks of using it you will notice that hair loss is reduced, in many cases the fall stops completely. In addition, the combination of the other complementary products that make up the Kit, will produce superior results.

His 7 Selected Herbal Extracts, potentiated with 1.9% Minoxidil, make it possible that in this period you notice the first changes. After the third and fourth month, applying Hair Restoration Lotion 4+HAIR twice a day and constantly, you will notice hair growth, and it will be increasingly evident. The blood circulation is much more efficient and the follicles are strengthened.

The kit includes 4 key products


A) Lotion 7 select herbal extracts + Minoxidil stimulate follicle activation promoting the growth of new hair in affected areas. It is a solution for topical use that with its 7 Select Herbal Extracts 4 + Hair added to 1.9% Minoxidil (which has proven its high efficacy to combat hair loss), renews the hair follicle, gives body and strengthens the hair .    

B) Fortifying Shampoo with Panthenol + Vitamin E + Menthol that allows the correct balance of the hair, giving it hydration, thickening and care, which are essential to promote growth.    

C) Deep Cleansing Hair Shampoo with Zinc Pyrithione + Grade Blood that inhibits seborrhea and fungus (Malassezia Furfur), the main cause of dandruff and hair loss.    

D) Fortifying Relaxing Lotion with Salicylic Acid + Mineral Oils nourishes and strengthens the follicle and scalp 

Some of our success stories when using 4+HAIR


After a few months the areas affected by the fall are repopulated, and gradually they are filled with new hair. It is very important to know that you should not stop treatment even when you see the full hair.   

 The time of use of the Hair Renewal System 4 + HAIR is undefined until the desired results are achieved; Lapses may be taken between 1 and 2 weeks of rest, after the 4th. Consecutive Kit, to then resume the System, the results may vary according to the assimilation to the product or the degree of affectation that occurs.   

 A Treatment Kit lasts approximately 6 to 8 weeks, depending on the form of use and the area of ​​affectation, this will vary from person to person.    The results will depend to a great extent on the constant and consecutive use in the correct application of the System according to the instructions for use 



4+HAIR is a product packaged in laboratory certified good practices by Cofepris and FDA      

4 + HAIR is a registered trademark (1649100) 



4 + HAIR is also for sale in Mexico with distributors throughout the country. Having great success and very satisfied customers.