Renewal treatment for incredible hair growth... hair loss shampoo

Why is 4 HAIR Hair Renewal so effective?

1. Our hair loss shampoo stimulates the growth of new hair and stops the fall thanks to the Lotion A with 7 Select Herbal Extracts + Minoxidil as a booster.

2. Because it merges the ancestral herbalist + the noblest chemical agents in adequate percentages, without damaging the follicle.

3. Stops hair loss thanks to Shampoos B and C that allow the correct balance of the scalp by cleaning it deep.

4. Thicken existing fine hair with the help of vitamins, Panthenol and natural stimulants to fight hair loss in women and men.

5. Revitalizes the weak follicle in men and women. Unisex products to use for Alopecia and other baldness causes.


Welcome to 4+HAIR USA!

With more than 3 years of experience, do not hesitate and come with us!

4 + Hair arises from the own need of its creators to combat hair loss in a much more effective way than existing ones.

Through an exhaustive research merging the ancestral herbalist, experiences documented in different stages and adding Minoxidil in low% only as an enhancer, element chemically proven at present, we achieved the

Hair Renewal System 4 + Hair ... Stops hair loss and stimulates the growth of new hair.

We are professionals willing to help you, improving your image and making you always look stylish.

At 4 + HAIR we are always at the forefront and ready to help our clients with effective hair treatments and innovative formulas to have the most beautiful and abundant beard you have ever dreamed of.